Calgary Kinky Kennel Club

About CKKC

The Calgary Kinky Kennel Club is a group of and for people in Calgary and the surrounding area in to Puppy Play. We are dedicated to educating people about the joy of Puppy Play, leather and kink culture. Our goal is to show case this lifestyle, help provide knowledge and an all-inclusive safe place to explore Puppy Play as well as other forms of kink.

What is Puppy Play? The quick answer is a type of role play. A role play where one participant takes on the role as a canine and another may take on the role as the canine’s owner, trainer or handler. Puppy Play can be sexual or non-sexual. When one takes on the role of a canine in this form of erotic role play, they voluntarily take on the appropriate behaviour and mannerisms, and transform to human canine status. There is a focus on the mind space then created. Puppy Play may also be used as a form of humiliation. The main style of relationship forged between two puppy players, is a Dom/sub relationship, and is very common with the world of BDSM (from which Puppy Play is best known).

Although puppy play is not inherently related to the furry fandom, there is a lot of cross over. A lot of puppies are furries and a lot of furries are puppies. However, there is a ton who identify as one, and not the other. There is lots of discussion on this subject and is general consensus that the two are separate entities with some cross over.

One of the great things about Puppy Play is that it is very versatile. It in itself doesn't not really have any strict rules. You can mix many other aspects of BDSM to it, back stories, twists, whatever you want. There are many different styles of pups, who prefer different skins. Some prefer leather, some prefer rubber. There are ever sports gear pups out there. There are many facets and incarnations of puppy play, and not one of them is incorrect and wrong.

If you have stumbled across this page and are looking for more information, please feel free to send us an email and visit our links page. Better yet, why not come to one of our events? We encourage those to come out and explore. You never know what kind of fun is around the corner.