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May 30, 2015
Fairy Tales Kink Party - Followup!

We would like to thank all the staff and crew of the Fairy Tales Queer Film Fest for putting on such a great kink party and inviting CKKC to attend.

May 23, 2015
Fairy Tales Kink Party!

We have all heard of the three bears, a giant’s bean stalk and a , but one fairy tale making its way around town is a little more… playful. Fairy Tales Queer Film Fest ( is holding their Kink Party on May 29th, 2015. They have invited CKKC down to their kennels, and we are ready to play! The schedule can be found here ( There will be opportunities to discuss, explore, and let folks become more aware of this amazing kink. I hear there will be opportunities for kitties and ponies too…

May 23, 2015
Munch On!

We are back to having munches! Wahoo!

We have heard your calls, and we are calling back! We have all missed gathering together to chew on some tasty (chicken wing) bones, so let’s do it again! Starting on June 3rd, CKKC will be holding munches again. Check our events, or Fetlife event page for details (and RSVP if you can)!

May 23, 2015
Website Update

We know, we know… And we are greatly sorry for the lack of upkeep on the website. Let it be known that we tuck our tails and whimper. More formally, we apologize for the great inconvenience this has put on our followers and those wanting to keep up to date to the group, events and getting to know the world of puppy play.

The group has undergone restructuring, and as such we had to do a bit of rebuilding from the bottom up. We have done a mass update across the site and while some parts (like merchandise) will unfortunately still be under constructions for a while, most of the site is up and running. We have been and still will continue to be active on Fetlife, Facebook and Twitter, but solemnly swear to keep up on this website as well.

May 10, 2015
Fantastic-Time at Fur-Eh

The group here would like to thank the organizers of Alberta’s own furry convention, Fur-Eh, for allowing us among them. There is a large cross-over between the puppy and furry communities, and we wished to reach out to them, and they welcomed us with open paws! Well, the fist mitts stopped some from opening their paws (like they are supposed to), but they sat there wagging their tails nonetheless. No, really! We had a great turn out at the three panels we held! We were excited to see that we were not the only kink related panels either! We sadly were busy with our own, so we couldn’t attend “BDSM and Furry”, but we wish we could have! Thank you to those who came out and showed interested, hopefully we will be back next year!

September 6, 2014
Post-Pride Post

What a parade! There was quite the turn out this year, both spectators and participants.  The Calgary Kinky Kennel Club would like to thank everyone for showing your support and joining us on this year’s proud journey down 8th Ave.  Our Facebook page has skyrocketed in likes, and we have even had some people contact us with interest! This year wouldn’t have been such a success without everyone involved. From holding the banner and flags, to handing out cards and getting the crowd excited: we did a fantastic job of showing what is it like to be proud of being a puppy, being leather folk, and being kinky. A big thank you to all the people who came down to see the parade as well. It seems that we get a better reaction every year. I think the puppies are starting to be expected at the parade now! We look forward to next year already!

August 30, 2014
website revamp and calgary pride

Welcome one and all to the new Calgary Kinky Kennel Club website! Redesigned with ease and cleanliness in mind, the goal of the revamp was to make navigation easier, cleaner and more user friendly. Some areas of the site are under construction, but do not fret! They will be happily revealed when the time is right.We are proud to launch this new site accompaning the arrival of Calgary Pride 2014. Be sure to come down and show your support for not only LGBTQ pride and rights, but that of puppy play, leather and the kink communities as well! Look for us and we will look for you!